Sunday, September 4, 2016

Recent Arizona Workshop

Sally Yoder was Caroline's fabulous assistant at Art Unraveled.

August 2016 • Three 1 Day Workshops  • ART UNRAVELED  • Phoenix, Arizona

"This was a new venue for me and I had a blast! Fun-loving, creative artists attended my workshops. They constantly amazed me!"- Caroline

 Graciela Eulate:
"Your workshop was
really inspiring! I just
got back from the art
store with a pad of
canvas paper and
a fun palette knife!
I always make a couple
of projects after taking
a workshop so it
sticks in my brain."

Rita Guy:
"You are an inspiring
teacher and I hope to
see you again someday.
My takeaway is the
black and white value
studies and use of
strong color!."
Gloria Santiago:
"I learned a lot from your class.
I love your 'attachment'
to color."
Caroline congratulates
Mary Pat Martin
on her brilliant painting.
Cindy Kovak
embracing contrast
Michelle Grace
Heather Kindt with
her first colorful
painting of the day
Isabel McDougall
embraced palette
knife painting.
Kim Chapplew-Lee
Minna Mendelsen
happily rediscovered
color and painting.
No turning back!

Adena Helm created
a fierce cat painting
Crystal Cruse,
oh so focused

Linda Goldenberg
Stephanie Romero,
boldly expressive!

Terry Wright,
always colorful!

Adena Helm,
caught in the act
of being herself

Jill Hammond,
a ball of energy

Christy Hunnefield,
seriously intent

Julie Chrismer